Truex Elite 300 series is our Tougher Odor Control Formula that provides powerful, absolute odor control for portable toilets in the most extreme conditions. The advanced time-released formula will work continually breaking down paper & waste to reduce mounding for better odor control.

Truex Elite 375
Maximum Performance Super Charged!

  • Perfect for the most extreme heat and over usage environments

Truex Elite 355
Maximum Performance POPULAR ITEM!

  • Designed for high usage and extreme conditions

Truex Elite 345
Superior Performance

  • Cost effective for high usage and moderate conditions

Truex Elite 335
Top of the line Concentrated formula!

  • Powerful and economical odor control protection

Truex Elite 325
Cost Effective Concentrate

  • For moderate conditions. Perfect alternative for events

Truex Elite 315
The most powerful RTU available

  • Using the same technology as our concentrated formula but in a RTU blend