UrinX II

UrinX II Urinal Cleaner
Designed not only to remove the calcium deposits caused by urine, but with regular use, helps prevent urine build-up in Portable Restroom urinals and on the floor.

  • Effective at removing mold, mildew and calcium deposits from the roof of your restroom.

Fresh Water XT
This specially formulated additive keeps the water fresh in the tank on your truck. The excellent sudsing action also makes it an effective portable restroom cleaner.

  • Matching the fragrance to your deodorizer gives you an advantage over other cleaners on the market...as you clean your portable units you also leave an extra long-lasting scent.
  • Use only 8 ounces to 250 gallons of water
Home Run

Home Run
Our aggressive one-step cleaner is designed for painted vehicle surfaces and Portable Toilets (plastic and fiberglass). Removes dirt, road film and grime. Works well through a pressure washer or automatic drive-thru.

  • Dilutions as high as 45 – 1.
  • Home Run is very effective at keeping your trucks clean!
Super Blue

Super Blue Degreaser
Our All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser is specially formulated to remove stubborn stains and grime from Portable Restrooms. Removes grease, mud, mildew stains, soap scum, soot, gum, resin, oil, dye, blood, food and ink.

  • Super Blue is 10 times stronger than most household all purpose cleaners.
  • The choice for operators who want a strong cleaner without any added fragrance.