Our ecologically friendly J-Disks contain concentrated fragrance oils that enhance and compliment our deodorizers. Simply place one disk on the outside of the toilet paper rod, behind the urinal, the vent pipe, screens or trash receptacle.

J-Disks Platinum
5 bags of 50 per case

  • J-Disks Platinum last 4 - 6 weeks in the unit

J-Disks Gold
5 bags of 100 per case

  • J-Disk Gold last 2 - 3 weeks in the unit

J-Disks Silver
5 bags of 250 per case

  • J-Disks Silver last 1 - 2 weeks in the unit

Self Adhesive plastic hook.

  • Use to hang J-Disks. Just peel back self adhesive tape and attach to selected area.
  • 100 hooks per bag